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At Dynamic Chiros, we offer natural affordable chiropractic treatments to reduce back and neck pain, increase fitness and improve quality of life.


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Do back and neck pain dictate your day-to-day life?​

It can be difficult to focus on anything else when you’re in pain. At Dynamic Chiros in Redmond & Auburn, our professional staff provide an affordable, natural option for relieving back and neck pain. We specialize in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), which can correct posture in as few as three months. You’ll be able to feel the difference, and our pre- and post-treatment digital x-rays provide precise measurements of the improvement you’re feeling.​

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Reduce back and neck pain naturally

Our chiropractic adjustments help relieve neck and back pain naturally without intrusive surgeries.​

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Improve your health and wellness

Chiropractic treatments can lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and improve your general physical fitness.​

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Get back to what you love doing

As your pain subsides and your core strength improves, you’ll have more energy to enjoy your life and tackle your goals

We offer a full range of chiropractic treatments

At Dynamic Chiros, our Redmond & Auburn chiropractors offer a comprehensive range of innovative therapeutic experiences for the treatment of injuries and pain caused by accidents and misaligned posture.​


When a joint becomes “locked up” a gentle, safe chiropractic adjustment reduces pain and discomfort while restoring normal function to the joint and the nervous system.


Our professional massage therapists are experienced in Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques, which can decrease nerve compression, relax tense muscles, and improve your range of motion


Whether you’re suffering from back pain caused by computer work or recovering from a case of whiplash, our custom-tailored exercises and rehabilitative techniques can correct abnormal spine function.

Cold Laser

Cutting-edge Cold Laser Therapy has been proven to alleviate inflammation and pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle and joint pain, and stiffness associated with arthritis, among other issues.

Nutritional Counseling

Eating inflammatory foods can slow down the healing process and increase pain. Our doctors provide nutritional counseling to help patients speed up their healing process.

Consult With Our World-Class Chiropractors In Redmond In A State-Of-The-Art Clinic

At Dynamic Chiros, patients benefit from the expertise and experience of renowned chiropractic doctors. We have locations in Auburn and Redmond near the Microsoft campus. Both Dr. Mark Thompson and Dr. Andrew Hamilton have extensive clinical experience and professional certifications, and Dr. Hamilton is the only International Chiropractic Neurologist and Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician in Washington State.

Work related injuries

Recover From Auto And Work Related Injuries

When you’re recovering from an injury, the last thing you need is more stress. Our professional staff is certified in the diagnosis, treatment, and documentation of trauma caused by motor vehicle accidents and work-related injuries. We make it easier for you to get treatment underway so that you can get back to what you love doing – quickly and without the hassle.​

Create A Culture Of Care In Your Workplace With On-Site Chair Massages

Chair massages are proven to heighten mental awareness, increase productivity, and reduce stress. At Dynamic Chiros, we offer on-site chair massage services to companies that want to support corporate wellness programs with a culture of care. Chair massages are also a popular addition to conventions, trade shows, and corporate events.​

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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