I was referred by my friend to Dr. Mark Thompson. He is nice and works with me as a team to treat my back pain. I did not expect the great improvement happened to my body after only two weeks. He is professional, friendly. he cares about his patients and their overall health. I would recommend him to my friends. – Zach

I’ve seen Dr. Thompson a few times now. Unlike another chiropractor that I have been to in the past, who started adjusting only after a 5-minute diagnostic session, Dr. Thompson really takes time to explain how things work. Dr. Thompson also hosts a free well-being lesson on Mondays, which is really helpful, too. – Anonymous

It’s always a pleasure to visit Dr. Thompson and his multi-pronged approach, part chiro, part physical therapy really works. – Liza

After throwing my neck out while drying my hair (yes drying my hair!), my mom immediately took me to see Dr. Mark. That was 6 years ago but now I could never imagine my life without my chiropractor. The immense pain that I felt from my neck and other daily pain that comes with living has been minimized so much that I only come in every so often for a maintenance adjustment just to stay healthy. On top of the neck problem, Dr. Mark has almost completely taken away my migraines. Thanks doc! – Kim

I’ve had a chronic back problem for over 22 years. I have had many chiropractic doctors in the different states that I’ve lived, but Dr. Thompson has provided the best care! Professional, friendly and knows his stuff. I would highly recommend Dr. Thompson to anyone who requires expert care. – David

Dr. Thompson is an exceptional doctor. He is gentle and explains to you what he is about to do, he cares about his patients and their overall health and I am almost headache free. The staff in the office are great and friendly. I actually look forward to my visits. -Tammy

I’ve had knee problems for years. I tried custom orthodics, PT, taping all the normal things. But I had never been to a chiropracter before. I thought I would give it a try in hopes of a solution to daily pain. Dr Thompson had a special adjustment for the knee, along with all the other adjustments. When that didn’t give complete relief he tried something on my shins and it made a world of difference! I was able to quit taping for activities and got my life back. I am so thankful he didn’t stop with the usual adjustments. He always gives compassionate & personal attention. I have and will continue to recommend him. – Cheri

I suffered from chronic head, shoulder and back aches for a very long time. I tried many different things, which finally included chiropractic care. Dr. Thompson cares a lot about his patients and in seeing him, I am able to function without all the pain I used to have. I recommend you give Dr. Thompson an opportunity to be and feel the best you can. He is the GREATEST! – Sheri