Stress Relief & Chiropractic Care: Combatting Physical, Mental & Chemical Stress

Stress is something we all experience, though we rarely give thought to the toll it can take on our bodies. The truth is, stress is a catalyst — what starts out as something small and manageable can quickly cause other issues to arise, such as anxiety, depression and even physical illness. It can also cause a person to miss out on sleep.

Stress can take the easiest of tasks and make them extremely difficult to manage. Your mind simply isn’t in it, and instead it goes off on its own path. You can experience pain in the form of headaches and migraines, back and neck pain, and muscles tension. It’s a difficult way to live, and it can be draining on a person both physically and emotionally.

At Dynamic Chiros, we take stress and its symptoms very seriously, working with our patients to help them alleviate the pain and mental discomfort that can come from prolonged bouts of stress. We know and understand the three types of stress that can affect the spine — physical, mental and chemical — and we know how to treat the misalignments they all cause.

The Three Types Of Stress

As mentioned above, there are three types of stress that can affect the spine, all of which can cause injuries and misalignments in different types of ways. Before exploring the chiropractic method for treatment and alleviating stress and its symptoms, let’s take a moment to touch on what these types of stress are.

Physical Stress

Generally, physical stress is the result of an injury. Car accidents, shoveling snow, moving boxes, playing sports … these all can put undue forces on the spine, which in turn can tear the delicate tissues of the spine. In the end, your spine can become destabilized, leading to overall poor health.

Mental Stress

This is the stress that is caused by our own thoughts, often accompanied by depression, worry or anxiety is often carried in the upper back and neck. This can cause spasms and unwanted pulling on the bones of the spine, which can turn into misalignments and pinched nerves in the upper back and neck. Headaches, migraines, neck pain, upper back pain and breathing problems are just a few of the symptoms that can arise.

Chemical Stress

The best way to understand this is thinking about eating a piece of bad fish. When this happens, a person’s stomach becomes upset from the toxification (i.e., chemical stress). Your stressed stomach sends signals to the brain, via your nervous system, so that your body will know to expel the bad fish. Well, those signals are sent along nerves, and those are the same nerves that control the muscles of the spine. Those muscles can spasm, which can pull the spine out of its proper alignment. This type of stress is common among people with poor eating habits, smokers and conditions that cause hormone imbalances.

What Does A Chiropractor Do To Help With Stress?

There are several things a chiropractor can do to help a patient with their stress:

Spinal Adjustments

Because the brain communicates everything through to the rest of the body through the spine, proper spinal alignment is highly important. An adjustment will help restore function to other parts of the body, alleviating the pain that stress can cause. Once performed, it’s highly common for patients to report feeling less pain, less sickness, more energy and a general feeling of less stress.

Reduce Muscle Tension

Stress goes hand in hand with tensed muscles, as it changes the way you hold your body when walking, standing or sitting, and this can be detrimental as time passes by. Lack of sleep sets in, and focus diminishes. But a chiropractor can help you loosen your muscle tension through adjustments and other chiropractic methods.

Nutritional Instruction

With the right diet, you can help nip certain types of stress in the bud. A chiropractor can work with you to develop a tailored diet that can help you reduce your stress levels, which will reduce the chance of injury as the result of stress.

Learn Good Posture

Relaxation tends to walk out the door when we’re stressed, which can result in poor posture and unnecessary stress on the spine. But a good chiropractor can observe your posture and help you learn how to correct it with posture exercises. They also have relaxation techniques that can help you live and sleep more comfortably.

Reducing Stress Is Nothing Worth Stressing Over

At Dynamic Chiros, we take your stress seriously, and we’ll work with you to find the cause of your stress-related pain and help you take steps in your life to stop it from happening again. If you feel your stress is impacting your health, just give us a call to set up a consultation.

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