When you look at the statistics, chiropractic is one of, if not, the safest  doctor that you can visit.  There are more than 70K chiropractic doctors in the US and there are over 16 million adjustments delivered on a yearly basis.  The industry that looks at the safety of any procedure is the mal practice insurance  carriers. 



According to a  study conducted by Medical Economics In 2012., the median annual premiums for specialist were:


  • Obstetrics/gynecology: $43,400
  • Surgery: $30,000
  • Plastic surgery: $27,700
  • Urology: $23,500
  • Gastroenterology: $20,000
  • Cardiology: $19,400
  • Neurology/neurosurgery: $17,500
  • Emergency/acute care: $15,000
  • Hospitalists: $15,000
  • Ophthalmology: $12,300
  • Dermatology: $10,300
  • Pediatrics: $10,300
  • Psychiatry: $4,700



The average premium for chiropractic mal practice insurance is $2200 per year.  We hope this helps shed light on the fact that chiropractic is one of the safest forms of health care you can get for yourself and your family.

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