Physicians and Specialists:

http://bit.ly/USHealthWorks_Bellevue – primary and urgent care

http://www.doctorsbelred.com/ – primary care

 http://www.afmllc.us/ – primary care

 http://www.belredim.com/ – primary

http://bit.ly/DanNelson_PainManagement – pain management

 http://www.bbjp.net/ – orthopedics

 http://eastsidefamilyhealth.com/ – primary and auto injuries

Physical Therapists:

Useful Info:

Ligament Instability  – This is a great explanation of ligamentous instability.

Lumbar Spine Impairment Table – AMA 5th edition

Cervical Spine Impairment Table – AMA 5th edition

10 Essential Chiropractic Research Articles – EBC

Chiropractic & Chronic Whiplash – 93% of the patients improved with “Chronic” Whiplash


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