Increase Your Results With Rehabilitation Therapy

It is well documented that chiropractic adjustments alone can alleviate most spinal pain. But to better your chances of long-lasting results, Dynamic Chiros often incorporates rehabilitation therapy into its patients’ individually tailored treatment plans. Blended together, these two medical techniques have been shown to produce measurable positive results for the spine, neck and lower back. Just like with adjustments, the right kinds of rehabilitation movements and exercises — at the right intensity — can help you find your way back to a normal, healthy, pain-free lifestyle by optimizing your recovery from injuries and reducing the possibility of a relapse. 

What Can I Expect From Rehabilitation Therapy

Just like chiropractic medicine, rehabilitation therapy is not a one-size-fits-all practice. Depending on your specific needs, we will customize a plan that is ideal for your situation. Your treatment may include any combination of the following: decompression, stretching, therapy balls, cervical and lumbar traction, disc rehabilitation, kettlebells, band therapies, wobble boards, intersegmental traction and more. In order to get you back to normal, there are several types of treatments your chiropractor may have you participate in: 

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy features occasional adjustments and is combined with soft tissue rehabilitation. This will help patients restore their normal movement, as well as get their joints back into the proper position.

Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

These noninvasive therapies were created to restore normal motion to tight or damaged soft tissues throughout the body.

Home Care

We create tailored programs that will help speed up patient recovery, improve their strength and mobility, and better their posture. To ensure everything that happens away from our office is done correctly, we walk patients through their routines before sending them off to follow through on their treatment plan.

What Kind Of Exercises Are Common With Rehabilitation Therapy?

Depending on who you’re seeing and what your ailment is, any number of rehabilitation therapy techniques could be used and prescribed. Some common possibilities include a mix of the following tools and exercises:


Tight muscles can often be the cause of a variety of injuries and pain, so you’ll likely be asked to perform a few stretches as part of your rehabilitation program to help you restore your natural resting muscle tension. Stretching can be done without any tools at all, though sometimes your chiropractor will have you do foam rolling or show you how to use an elastic band.

Joint Mobility

Stretching is great, but sometimes you need more than muscle lengthening. The idea behind joint mobility exercises is to improve the overall movement capacity of a joint, like your spine or hips. This can include more aggressive stretching or using a foam roller between spinal joints.


To best ease pain and protect joints from injury, balanced muscle activation is highly important. Imbalanced or weak muscles can add stress to a joint, which can cause ongoing pain or tightness. To counter this, your chiropractor may have you perform exercises that target a specific muscle.

Are You Trained And Licensed For Rehabilitation Therapy?

We are! Specifically, we have received extra certifications from the motional Palpation Institute, a group that takes rehabilitation very seriously. They’re mission is to aid in developing a mastery of hands and minds to better serve patients and the world. Established in 1981, they continue to raise the bar for what modern chiropractic medicine can and should be by infusing their classes with clinically proven manual therapy techniques and assessment tools. These certifications are important to us, because we believe rehabilitation is a must when an injured person wants to regain peak performance in their general mobility, exercise routine or sport.

Why Add Rehabilitation Therapy To My Chiropractic Care?

At Dynamic Chiros, we believe that if a patient wants to get their physical well being as close to normal as possible, it only makes sense to introduce rehabilitation therapy to their treatment. It enables us to help heal the muscles, ligaments and soft tissues of the spine. Each exercise or technique prescribed to you by your chiropractor is designed to augment your chiropractic treatments. This way, we can do more than make you well again — we can help ensure you stay that way over the long term.

You Are In Control Of Your Care

While a chiropractor can greatly help you feel better after an injury or alleviate chronic pain, your approach to restoring yourself to full mobility is in your hands. Be sure to make the time to do all the rehabilitation therapy tasks prescribed to you, and do them consistently. And if you ever have any questions or feel that something isn’t working, just speak with your chiropractor, and they will work with you to make sure your recovery is as quick and painless as possible.

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