The Importance Of Posture And How Chiropractic Care Can Help

A person’s posture is vitally important to a healthy life; however, we often give far too little consideration to it. Poor posture is the result of work or activities that place the spine in a stressed, flexed position for long periods of time, such as sitting at a computer all day, sitting in your car during long commutes, or simply sitting in front of the TV.

Posture problems arise when the bones are not used to moving through their full extension. As the bones become accustomed to this stunted range of motion, the muscles, ligaments and soft tissues of the spine are forced to adapt, taking on new forms. The problem then becomes compounded, as it is very difficult to revert these altered forms to their original forms, leading to poor posture.

At Dynamic Chiros, we are well versed in the root causes of poor posture, as well as the treatments necessary to reverse course and put a patient’s body back into its original, working alignment.

Who Is At Risk Of Poor Posture?

Poor posture doesn’t discriminate when it comes to physicality. Instead, it focuses on people with a more sedentary lifestyle. Anyone who spends most of their time sitting is at risk, including students, people with desk jobs, drivers and others. Computers are certainly to blame for the modern era’s number of people with poor posture, which has resulted in untold headaches, neck pain, back pain and poor breathing patterns. Computers may be a modern convenience, but they’re also a modern health hazard.

How Does Poor Posture Affect My Health? How Do I Know If I Have It?

The spine is highly susceptible to injury and ailment as a result of poor posture. When the spine’s normal curves are lost to one’s poor posture, a large variety of health problems can present themselves in the neck and back, and other problems such as poor circulation and vision impairment are also possible outcomes.

Luckily, it is easy to measure one’s posture. All you need is a mirror. When you are standing in a neutral position, your ears, shoulders and hips should be level with one another. If you see a head tilt, low shoulder or high hip, you may be susceptible to, or already have, poor posture.

You’ll also want to do an examination from the side. Have another person look into your ear hole, at the tip of your shoulder and the middle of your hip while in the same neutral standing position — all three anatomical structures should be lined up. If your head is leaning forward or your hips or shoulders aren’t centered properly, you most likely suffer from poor posture.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Poor Posture?

Your chiropractor will complete an assessment of your spine and joints — they’re looking to see if there are any general disfunctions or joint restrictions. If such an issue is discovered, he or she will perform a chiropractic adjustment to correct any misalignments, thereby restoring a patient’s range of motion while helping to reduce any interference between nerve connections. This adjustment can also help to restart your body’s natural healing process, giving the patient the ability to enjoy life as they once did. A chiropractor may also look for postural imbalances, and, if there are any, they will work with the patient through adjustments and other methods to help restore proper balance. Another benefit is the development of a tailored treatment program — your chiropractor can help you identify and correct any bad habits in order to prevent a recurrence of issues tied to poor posture. This treatment program may include various chiropractic treatments, exercise and better nutrition.

At Dynamic Chiros, We Stand Tall

The staff at Dynamic Chiros is highly educated in proper posture and how to correct poor posture. We’ll help you by creating a personalized treatment that will better your posture and help it stay that way. So if you’re affected by the negative consequences of poor posture, go ahead and set up an appointment. We’ll help you work through your posture issues in order for you to live a happy, healthy, pain-free life.

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