Treating Neck Pain Shouldn’t Be A Pain In The Neck

The causes of neck pain are wide and varied. They can come from something innocuous, such as emotional stress or sitting at a computer for long periods of time. They can also include more direct impact on the neck from sports or accidents, such as whiplash and bulging discs. And of course, there’s the possibility of arthritis causing neck pain. But what exactly is it that happens to the body to create the pain? And what can be done about it? Fortunately, the team at Dynamic Chiros is fully equipped to not just diagnose the root cause of your neck pain, but to help you regain your mobility and lead a pain-free life again.

The Underlying Causes Of Neck Pain

The part of the spine we call the neck is the cervical spine, and it contains an extremely high concentration of nerve fibers. These nerve functions serve a variety of controlling functions, such as our sight, hearing and smell, as well as the strength in our upper arm, neck and head. Many of the nerves that provide neck control are directly correlated to the part of the brain that controls balance, coordination, pain perception and our emotions.

Neck pain occurs when the cervical spine bones become misaligned or locked, which can affect some or all of the aforementioned functions controlled by the nerves in this area. The discomfort can range widely, from minor (and therefore ignorable), to incredibly painful and debilitating. Patients can also experience neck pain in different ways. For some, it may be a stiff neck where the range of motion is limited, or it can be concentrated to a specific area and feel like a sharp, stabbing sensation. Some people may just have general soreness, and others may notice a radiating pain that leads away from the neck into the shoulders, arms, fingers and head.

And neck pain is not uncommon — approximately 17 percent of American adults suffers from neck pain at any given moment. It’s actually the most common condition seen in our office, which is why we are dedicated to the detection and correction of neck misalignments.

What To Expect On Your First Visit To Treat Your Neck Pain

Chiropractors are skilled in the science of treating neck pain, and they’re able to do it in a safe, non-invasive and — most importantly — non-addictive way. It’s a fantastic alternative to both over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription medications, which only serve to mask the symptoms, rather than treat the actual problem. Our evaluation methods start with some initial examinations to determine the source of a patient’s pain, as well as questions about current symptoms, duration of pain, and what remedies or treatments the patient has already tried. The exams may be physical and neurological. The physical exam will be observational, as the chiropractor notes the patient’s overall posture, range of motion and general physical condition to determine the various movements that cause pain. Their spine will be observed to determine its current curvature and alignment. The neurological exam will be used to test patient reflexes and muscle strength, as well as to determine to where the pain spreads and look for any other nerve changes. In some cases, our chiropractors may order X-rays, MRIs or CAT scans to get a complete understanding of the underlying problems contributing to a patient’s neck pain. These tests also enable us to know if chiropractic care is the right course of treatment. Because chiropractors are conservative care doctors, we do not perform surgery. Should it be determined that a more drastic course of action is necessary, these tests help us refer patients to the appropriate specialist or physician.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Treat And Alleviate Neck Pain?

After a thorough evaluation by one of our skilled chiropractors, a patient will most likely receive what is known as a chiropractic adjustment. This technique was developed to reduce joint restrictions or misalignments in the spine, as well as in other joints throughout the body. The adjustment helps reduce inflammation that may be contributing to the pain, and it simultaneously helps improve the function of the specific joint in question — and the whole nervous system. Our goal is to increase your joint mobility and improve your spinal health and nervous system functionality, enabling your body to better manage your neck pain and discomfort.

Correcting Neck Pain, One Patient At A Time

At Dynamic Chiros, we work with our patients to put together personally tailored treatment plans to help them regain their range of motion and live without pain again. There’s no reason to accept neck pain as a part of who you are — schedule an appointment today to start feeling like you used to.

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