There’s More To A Massage Than Relaxation

A massage can do wonders for anyone who needs a moment to relax after a tough week or has developed some general soreness from physical exertion. But the benefits of massage therapy stretch much further than that — they can actually improve your health and well-being. That’s why Dynamic Chiros has dedicated massage therapists on staff. Not only do our therapists specialize in a variety of techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue and Cross Friction, they coordinate their care with our doctors for any patient who is also receiving chiropractic treatment. This enhanced level of communications gives our patients everything they need to enjoy happier, healthier lives.

A Part Of Integrated Medicine

Many people don’t know that massage is complementary to various forms of medicine, and it integrates nicely for patient treatment of a variety of medical conditions. Beyond simple relaxation, massage therapy is shown to help alleviate health problems such as stress, high blood pressure, weak immune system, headache, osteoarthritis, cancer and depression, as well as improving your overall chiropractic care.

Stress Reduction

When we are mentally stressed, a lot can happen to our bodies physically. Our energy can lower, our stomachs can become upset, we can experience aches and pains, our pulse can quicken, we can suffer from insomnia, and our risk of illness greatly increases (more on that below). But with regular massage sessions over a prolonged time period, we can see our energy levels increase, our pain decrease, and our overall physical selves can feel healthier.

And when we experience physical stress, such as pain from a car accident, repetitive motions or sports injuries, our spine can become destabilized. So while a chiropractor is treating the spine issues, a massage therapist working in tandem can help alleviate the stress as well, speeding up the time to recovery.

Lowering Blood Pressure

When our blood pressure is high, our heart is working overtime — sometimes dangerously so. But with regular massage therapy, you can help lower your blood pressure. There are a few long-term studies that show how massage can reduce both your systolic and diastolic (the upper and lower numbers) blood pressure. By reducing one’s overall blood pressure to a healthy number, you can lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and more.

Strengthen Immune System

People with high levels of stress are much more prone to become ill or get injured, as their bodies’ natural immune system responses are compromised. But regular massage therapy has been shown to actually improve the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity, which is the activity level of the body’s natural “killer cells.” It also increases our body’s ability to deliver nourishment to itself. Essentially, massage therapy can help keep our immune system robust.


Millions of Americans suffer from chronic headaches, either tension headaches or migraines, but both are treatable by massage. Because massage promotes circulation, it increases blood flow to affected areas, helping to relieve headaches. Also, by loosening up the muscles attached at the base of the skull, tension headaches can be relieved as well. Massage therapy can also increase endorphins to promote relaxation, helping ease the causes of headaches.

This works wonderfully when paired with Dynamic Chiros’ own chiropractic techniques for alleviating headaches.


In a recent clinical trial, it was shown that participants with knee osteoarthritis who received a Swedish massage once or twice a week saw their condition improve. This group experienced improvements in pain, stiffness and overall function, while the control group saw no change at all.


Massage therapy has been shown to be an excellent cancer treatment when used in tandem with traditional Western medicine, promoting relaxation and reducing both symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment. Patients have noted a reduction in pain, swelling, nausea, fatigue and depression. Cancer patients are advised to consult with their doctor before receiving massage therapy to ensure it is the right course of action.


Depression can be outright debilitating to those who suffer from it, causing a feeling of emptiness, irritability, loss of energy — even suicidal thoughts. However, research shows that massage therapy can help contribute to an overall improvement of mood, thereby reducing depression. It has also been documented that massage can reduce trait anxiety and depression at levels equivalent to those of psychotherapy.

Enhances Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors and massage therapists seemingly work on different ends of the same spectrum. A chiropractic adjustment, by design, reduces joint restrictions, misalignments and other maladies in the spine and other joints to help reduce inflammation and pain. Massage, on the other hand, focuses on tendons and muscles.

However, when these two therapeutic practices are combined, each benefits the other. A massage loosens the muscles, which can increase the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment. Likewise, the soft tissues on which masseuses work are able to heal more quickly once the joints are realigned through chiropractic techniques.

Altogether, chiropractic medicine combined with massage therapy improves nervous system function, reduces localized inflammation and provides pain relief. As an added bonus, patients can also experience improved immune system functionality, better blood flow, increased flexibility, and an improved general range of motion.

Ready to experience the benefits of massage?

Whether you just need to relax or want to improve your overall health, the massage therapists at Dynamic Chiros are ready to enhance your quality of life. Simply use the form below to request an appointment.

Ready to experience the benefits of massage?

Whether you just need to relax or want to improve your overall health, the massage therapists at Dynamic Chiros are ready to enhance your quality of life. Simply use the form below to request an appointment.

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