Is your Desk Job Hindering Your Golf Game?

C-posture, also known as excessive rounding of the upper back, is a common issue that can greatly impact your golf swing. This posture can be caused by a variety of physical parameters, including limited thoracic spine extension, scapular instability, and weakness in the mid-scapular muscles, serratus anterior, lower traps, and deep neck flexors. It can also be caused by a lack of proper posture and setup, clubs that are too short, and a grip that is too much in the fingers of both hands. 

upper crossed syndrome

One major cause of the C-posture is Upper Crossed Syndrome, a pattern of muscle imbalances that includes tight pecs, lats, upper traps, and levator scapulae, and weakness in the mid-scapular muscles, serratus anterior, lower traps, and deep neck flexors. This syndrome is commonly seen in desk workers and tech workers who spend long hours sitting at a computer, leading to a slouched forward posture and hunched upper back. 

If you have Upper Crossed Syndrome, your golf swing can be severely impacted as the lack of thoracic spine extension makes it virtually impossible to eliminate the C-posture. This can lead to a significant loss of spinal rotation, limiting your ability to create a good backswing turn and affecting your overall swing mechanics. 

To correct these imbalances and improve golf performance, our Dynamic Chiros Youtube channel features various exercises that address UCS and related issues (Links at the bottom of the page) 

  • Shoulder mobility and stability exercises 
  • Thoracic spine extension exercises  
  • Muscle activation exercises  
  • Core stabilization exercises  

By addressing these physical parameters and engaging in corrective exercises, golfers can improve their posture, increase their spinal rotation, reduce mid and low back pain, and enhance their overall golf performance. For personalized attention and a full TPI screen, come and see us at the office or join our FREE Dynamic Golf Study Group! 

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