Providing Relief For Spinal Discs

Discs are one of those body parts everyone seems to have heard about, but very few actually understand what they are and what their purpose is. The term “slipped disc” is thrown about with abandon in film and television, and the understanding is that they have something to do with the back. But that’s where the general knowledge usually ends. So what are they, exactly?

Discs are cartilaginous structures between the bones of the spine, and they play an important role in our everyday day mobility and comfort. Just like a car has shocks to minimize the impact of up-and-down motion, the spine has discs to act like shock absorbers, cushioning movement to help avoid injury. They even help dictate a person’s overall spinal motion. But, as helpful as they are, they are not as well setup as the rest of the body to heal when injured.

Unfortunately, discs are poorly supplied with blood, creating a slower healing process for them. They can become decayed, swollen, weakened, bulged … even torn. At Dynamic Chiros, we are well versed in the issues that can affect discs, as well as how to treat them to enable you to return to a normal, pain-free lifestyle. Two of the most common disc problems are known as herniated discs and bulging discs, so let’s examine what those are and how we can treat them.

Herniated Discs Versus Bulging Discs: Is There A Difference?

This is (rightly) a confusing question, as herniation versus bulging discs come with extremely similar symptoms, and, to the untrained eye, they present themselves quite similarly. Both cause: nerve infraction and localized pain, and their even treated in a similar manner by chiropractors. But it’s important to know the difference, as each has separate consequences on a patient’s stability and wellness.

The Similarities:

Both involve pain and tenderness

Both are the result of inner cartilage movement

Both contribute to nerve pain/impediments

Both are likely to present themselves in the cervical and thoracic spine

But that’s where the commonalities cease. Though the two ailments are remarkably similar in their symptoms, it is the definition of the ailments that merit understanding them as two separate injuries.

The Differences:

  • A herniated disc has suffered a rupture, while a bulging disc protrudes from its location.
  • A herniated disc is much less common than a bulging disc.
  • A herniated disc is the result of some sort of physical trauma, while a bulging disc is generally caused by consistent pressure.
  • The pain caused by a herniated disc is sharp and intense, while that of a bulging disc is a dull, radiating pain.

How To Treat Disc Pain With Chiropractic Care

The chiropractors at Dynamic Chiros are trained to identify disc problems, and they use smart, conservative treatment methods to alleviate the pain and treat the overlying issue without relying on potentially addictive pain medication. We do this by restoring normal function to the spine and reducing the mechanical stress on the disc.

After an initial examination, your chiropractor will most likely perform a spinal adjustment, as well as other chiropractic techniques tailored specifically to your type of disc pain and your specific musculoskeletal situation.

You Don’t Have To Live With Disc Pain

Disc pain from a bulging or herniated disc are treatable, and you can make a full recovery. If you have — or suspect you have — pain stemming from a disc problem, don’t hesitate to call Dynamic Chiros to schedule a consultation. We can have you back to your old self quickly, living and moving without pain.

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