Bringing A Healthier Lifestyle Directly To You

A busy lifestyle isn’t always conducive to getting the proper massage therapy a person needs. But with chair massage therapy, Dynamic Chiros is able to bring massage services directly to your business, convention, corporate event and more. Whether you are looking to provide a one-time treat to your employees or create an ongoing service as a way to augment your corporate wellness program, chair massage therapy is a convenient way to improve the health and happiness of your employees and colleagues. And at Dynamic Chiros, our focus is to provide you and your team with the very best and highly trained chair massage therapists for your event.

How Is A Chair Massage Different From A Table Massage?

The major difference is in the massage experience itself. With a chair massage, you remain fully clothed, and its generally out in the open. Table massages tend to feature longer sessions and are designed for full body treatment, whereas a chair massage is an excellent way for a massage therapist to focus their efforts on specific pain points or knots in the neck, shoulders, back and other areas in a shorter amount of time. Both massage styles have their benefits, but a chair massage is a great way to relieve stress and tension without having to alter one’s busy schedule.

How Do I Set Up Table Massages For Business Or Event?

The process of hiring chair massage therapists from Dynamic Chiros is fairly painless. Simply give us a call and tell us about your event. Once we’ve established what you are looking for, we’ll supply you with an immediate quote for our services. From there, our team will put together the ideal setup for your event, regardless of its size. Our chair massage therapist will arrive on time with all of the necessary equipment and supplies. After that, all you have to do is show us where to set up, and we’ll take it from there.

Chair massage therapy is an excellent way to give your employees, colleagues, guests and attendees a way to destress, and it’s a suitable activity for a variety of events, including:

  • Meetings
  • Work parties
  • Conventions
  • Marketing events
  • Sporting and relaxation events
  • Trade shows
  • Benefits fairs
  • Health fairs
  • Special events
  • Any leisure activity 

Chair massage therapy is also a great way to boost your in-house corporate wellness plan, as it provides a lot of benefits — not just to your employee’s wellbeing, but your company’s wellbeing too.

Health Benefits Of Chair Massage Therapy

There are many established benefits to chair massage therapy aside from its overall convenience and mobility. On the physical side, massage can do wonders for the body. Sitting at a desk all day comes with numerous potential health risks, especially when poor posture is involved. A chair massage can help relieve muscle pains and headaches associated with a desk job. It has also been shown to help lower a person’s blood pressure and boost the response of their immune system.

As for mental wellness in employees, there is a direct correlation between chair massage therapy and improved mental health. People who experience chair massages can experience a lowering of overall stress and anxiety, helping them feel their best and perform at their peak levels. Chair massage therapy has also been shown to improve sleep quality, and better sleep is extremely beneficial to one’s physical and mental health.

Employer The Benefits Of Corporate Chair Massage Therapy

A company’s success is determined by the abilities and performance of its staff. A healthy, alert and motivated staff is going to perform better in their roles than a workforce that is uninspired and whose health is less than adequate. That’s what makes regular chair massage therapy a perfect way to enhance a corporate wellness plan.

Employees give so much to their jobs — they spend more time there than they do with friends and family — and finding the time to take care of themselves isn’t always easy. And while they may be loyal, their stress and anxiety are consistently building up, causing poor sleep and lack of focus, which in turn causes employee performance to drop and absenteeism to increase. Chair massage therapy can help rectify those issues, giving you the motivated, attentive workforce you need to help your business succeed.

Regularly scheduled chair massage therapy can also be extremely helpful in increasing overall workplace morale. And when morale is high, you’ll see better performances from your employees, your turnover rate will drop, and you’ll be able to attract top talent to your business. You’ll also notice higher levels of trust amongst coworkers, enabling them to work together in better, more meaningful ways.

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