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Chiropractic Biophysics, better known as CBP, is a chiropractic technique that focuses on helping patients achieve optimal posture and the correct spinal alignment. What’s interesting about CBP is that while trained chiropractors use this technique, they’re also documenting the process, allowing the patient to see measurable data regarding their improvements in pain and overall functional movement. At the core of the CBP treatment is the way it provides structural rehabilitation of the spine and general posture. This evidence-based protocol has been shown to produce significant results, and it is the subject of more than 140 peer-reviewed spine and chiropractic research publications.

What Makes CPB Different From Other Chiropractic Techniques?

With CBP, there is a greater application of science used by trained chiropractors to diagnose a problem, and then treat it. Since its discovery, it has become the only technique capable of demonstrating consistent — and published — evidence of effectiveness in correcting the shape of a patient’s spine toward an established normal level. Until CBP proposed a geometric, measurable shape of the spine, much was done through doctor intuition. Now, a chiropractor can scientifically and mathematically measure exactly how far a patient’s spine has deviated from this established normal level in order to adjust it to its proper setting.

What Can I Expect From CBP?

Use of the CBP technique follows a fairly uniform protocol of care. It begins with an initial patient interview and compiling case history. Next comes a traditional orthopedic and neurological examination. Then, the chiropractor will analyze the patient for abnormal posture in the skull, thoracic cage and pelvis, looking into all possible degrees of freedom.

The patient will then participate in a series of radiographs. The chiropractor analyzes these radiographs and uses geometry to compare them to what the spine should look like (based on the established, measurable shape that informs this chiropractic technique). From here, the doctor will develop a treatment plan for the patient, which can include adjustments, cryotherapy (to reduce inflammation), passive and active stretching, and massage.

How Do I Know If I'm Making Progress With CBP?

After a treatment plan is established and has been in use for a while, the chiropractor can check new radiographs or digitized postural landmarks versus the original ones to measure the changes. He or she can walk you through the progress made so far, and help you reach your goal of a properly aligned spine. This is what makes CBP such a valuable tool in chiropractic medicine: It allows doctors and patients alike to see and measure results in real time.

What Are The Practical Benefits Of CBP?

The measurability factor of chiropractic biophysics isn’t the only benefit to be gained from this revolutionary technique. In fact, CBP comes with a whole host of advantages to chiropractic patients.

Long-Term Pain Relief

Relieving pain in the short term isn’t enough. Patients want to resume their active lifestyles, and that means correcting the problem, rather than masking its symptoms. Through the combination of traction with chiropractic adjustments, specific exercises and focused stretching, a patient can overcome the issues that brought them to Dynamic Chiros in the first place.

A More Mobile Lifestyle

As patient pain begins to subside, they can start living a more normal lifestyle, complete with full mobility. Whether it’s regaining a walking regimen, playing sports or simply using the stairs again, CBP treatment can give a patient the freedom back to move through their daily lives as they did before the pain began.

Improved Posture

The way we carry ourselves when moving or stationary is of the utmost importance. That’s what makes CBP so important in the field of chiropractic medicine: It’s designed to improve posture through the rehabilitation of the spine. It can better posture in a variety of ways, depending upon the treatment plan tailored for each individual patient.

Improved Muscle Reflexes

Our bones aren’t the only thing that depends on proper alignment. Our muscles are designed to work in tandem with our bones, so when the spine is out of alignment, the muscles that support it can also become compromised. Once the spine has been rehabilitated through CBP, the muscles can once again function normally, improving our reflexes.

Improved Balance

The human body is designed to be balanced when correct posture is achieved. But if our posture is off due to a spinal issue, so is our balance. By adjusting the spine back to a more normal position, patients can notice that their balance feels better.

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