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Chair Massage therapy  provides onsite chair massage services.  Our therapists can handle any need including corporate wellness programs, conventions, trade shows and meetings, benefits fairs, health fairs, company chair massage visits, and one-time special events.  We focus on providing only the best available therapists to your location for your chair massage event.


How it works

First, you call us and tell us a little about your event.  We'll make sure we give you all of the necessary information, including an immediate quote for our services.  Our team will then find the perfect match for your event, big or small, and plan on getting that therapist to you, on time.  Our chair massage therapist will bring all of the necessary supplies including their professional massage chair to your location.  And finally, you simply need to show us where to set up our chair and we'll take care of the rest.



Where can you incorporate Chair Massage therapy?

• Ongoing Company Wellness Programs

• Marketing Events and Trade Shows

• Conventions

• Health Fairs and Benefits Fairs

• Corporate or Private Parties

• Sporting and Relaxation Events

• Any Leisure Activity

Chair Massage Benefits Include:

• Increased Blood Flow to Muscles

• Hightened Mental Awareness

• Relieves Tension in Target Areas

• Increases Productivity 

• Reduces Stress 

• Nurtures Mind and Spirit 

• Offers a Sense of Caring and Compassion



To book your next event with us or for more information please call us at (425)827-2225


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