Carpal Tunnel affects millions of people every year.  The most common cause we see for this in our office is the result of repetitive stress to the wrist and neck.  Did we say neck?  Yes we did.  It is obvious that repetitive stress to the wrist bones can cause excessive inflammation in the wrist and thus lead to the symptoms of carpal tunnel.  But when treating carpal tunnel, we have found that if we only treat the wrist that the effects are not as good as when we treat neck.  Why is this?  The most logical and scientific reason for this is that the nerves of the neck control the muscles and blood flow to the tissues of the shoulders, arms, WRIST and HANDS!  If the neurological system is not working properly to these tissues, it is impossible for these tissues to work at an optimum level.

So you might be asking yourself, “Ok, I get it. However, how does one get repetitive stress to the neck?” It is simple.  Work at a computer for 6 hours a day with a one inch forward head posture, and you will create repetitive stress to the neck.  Sound like anybody you know?  This will cause the muscles on the back of your neck to pull 10 pounds more than normal every second of those 6 hours!  This can cause inflammation around the delicate nerves of the neck that control the tissues of the arms and wrist.  This is the most plausible explanation for why we get better results treating carpal tunnel when we work on the neck in conjunction with the wrist.  Not just the wrist.  If you suffer from carpal tunnel, feel free to gives a call and we’ll see if it can be fixed naturally.

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