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Since starting his career as a chiropractor in 2001, Dr. Mark Thompson has seen patients ranging from 3 days old to 99years of age. He has worked in personal injury, workers comp, sports medicine, clinical nutrition, and medical- chiropractic clinics before starting his own clinic in Redmond in June of 2004. As a three sport athlete in high school and atwo sport athlete in college, Dr. Thompson is extremely well-versed in the diagnosis and treatment of athletic injuries. Dr. Thompson has served as chiropractic missionary and delivered chiropractic to the people of Haiti. He also has a growing pediatric practice, and he is a preferred provider  for almost all the insurances offered in Washington. 

1993-1997 : Earlham College– Richmond, IN –  BA Biology.
1997-2011:  Palmer College Of Chiropractic –  Davenport, IA -Doctor of Chiropractic.
2012 – present : Adjunct Faculty of Western States Chiropractic Collage – Portland Oregon.
2001- present: practicing chiropractic.

 “I am Dr. Brian Jang who graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and I came from South Korea. My Korean name is Geun-Yeong. I started studying Chiropractic because I wanted to fix my own back problems. I had injured my knee during training at 2nd Fleet when I was a lieutenant junior in R.O.K. Navy.   At that time, my medical doctor told me, I would not need surgery because the gap between the broken patella was less than 2mm. After a combination of therapy with chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and massage, I started having extended time free from pain and muscle spasms. It took a lot of time visiting all three providers which is why I learned a combination of soft tissue techniques, rehabilitation, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments while receiving my degree. I like chiropractic because it helps restore harmony to the body.

My hobbies include singing  opera arias and I am a choir member of the Community Church in Seattle. I enjoyed marine sports during my military academy school and I want to do it again in Seattle. I love playing table tennis and I am going to learn cello and guitar.”

1996-2000:   Navel Academy, Republic of Korea – Jinhae, Gyeongsang Nam-do – BS.
2010-2014:  Palmer College Of Chiropractic –  Davenport, IA -Doctor of Chiropractic.
2014 – Accident Recovery Center – Atlanta, GA, – practicing chiropractic.
2014 – present: Dynamic Chiros – Redmond WA – practicing chiropractic.




My name is Dr. Freya Moran – I’m originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I graduated from University of Western States in 2001.

As a gymnast, diver, and pole vaulter, what really drew me to chiropractic was its usefulness to me as an athlete. I suffered multiple knee, back, and ankle injuries throughout high school and college and what really saved me was visiting my family’s chiropractor who’d I’d seen since I was just a tot. He analyzed my squat, my gait, and used X-rays to identify bone problems and faulty patterns in my movement that were causing my pain, and helped me get back to training without drugs or surgery.

While finishing my Bachelor’s in Biology at Michigan Technological University, I also completed my EMT schooling to prepare me for the challenges of triaging and first aid in a fast-paced setting. I decided to pursue my passion in athletics and medicine by completing both my Doctorate of Chiropractic and my Masters in Sports Medicine in Portland, Oregon. I have now completed over 100 hours of on-field emergency management with every sport from Portland’s professional ultimate frisbee team to the local high school football team.

From being an athlete I learned the importance of balance, and through my education I learned the importance of chiropractic in taking your life and training to the next level with healthy movement and diet, and I’m so excited give back to the field that gave me so much!

My hobbies include adventuring in the beautiful mountains, getting ready for the Seattle To Portland ride with the Cascade Bicycle Club, and running a blog on health, balance, and wellness! I have a passion for empowering and teaching my patients how to heal their bodies naturally with preventative diets, lifestyles and exercises. Let me teach you how to take your life back from pain, and enhance your abilities!


Dr. Bonzie