Do I have whiplash?


Did you know that most whiplash or rear impact collisions occur between 8-12 mph? And did you know that most car damage occurs at speed over 12mph?  This means that most people get injured (whiplash) when there is no car damage!


What is the difference between medical and chiropractic treatment for whiplash?


The most common treatment for whiplash is a dangerous one. Most commonly people just  take Advil and just hope that the injuries will heal themselves. We recommend that you get your spine, muscles, and inflammation of the spine addressed. This is best done with chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitation of the muscles that have been damaged, and a good diet/supplementation in order to reduce the swelling and promote the best healing response. This is the best way to reduce the scar tissue that can form from whiplash and it is the best way to restore a function back to the injured tissues.


What if my whiplash occurred a long time ago?


We have found that this approach not only works for a recent whiplash case, but also old chronic whiplash cases. There was a recent study published by some medical doctors in Europe that concluded that chiropractic is the only proven treatment for chronic whiplash! This study is available upon request.  Just give us a call if you would like a copy.

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