What is TMJ?

Temporalmandibular Joint (TMJ) problems are very common in today’s society.  It is truly joint derangement of the temporamandibular joint.   There are many causes.  One of the most common causes is clenching.  60% of the people alive are jaw clenchers!  Other causes are things like gum chewing, chewing on one side, car accidents, blunt traumas to the jaw itself, and altered muscular feedback loop mechanism coming from the upper cervical spine.  

What is TMD?

TMD (Temporal-mandibular disorders) also which is confused with TMJ (which is true joint derangement of the temporal-mandibular joint). TMD is pain arising abnormal neuromuscular control of the jaw.  Stretching, trigger point therapy,  and active exercises can be done to the jaw to alleviate the pain and symptoms of TMD.  

Symptoms of TMJ or TMD?

Jaw pain, clicking, deviation of the open and closing of the jaw, facial pain, headaches,over developed jaw muscles, facial numbness, and pain with open or closing of the jaw.  These are not an all inclusive list, but these are mainly what we have seen in our clinic.