How does stress affect my spine?


There are three types of stress that affect the spine. Physical, mental, and chemical stress have a negative effect on the spine. They can all cause misalignments.


How does physical stress affect the spine?


Car accidents, shoveling snow, moving boxes, and sports injures can all put undue forces on the spine and thus tear delicate tissues of the spine. This can cause destabilization of the spine and thus lead to an unhealthy body.


How does mental stress affect my spine?


Most people hold stress in the upper back and neck. This causes spasms and unwanted pulling on the bones of the spine. This then leads to misalignments and pinched nerves in the upper back and neck. Headaches, migraines, neck pain, upper back pain, and breathing problems are just a few of the symptoms that can arise as a result of mental stress.


How does chemical stress affect the spine?


If you eat bad fish, what happens? Your stomach becomes upset from the toxification (chemical stress) in your stomach. Your stomach sends signals back to the brain via the nervous system so that your body will rid your body of the bad fish. You know what happens next. Those nerves that send signals back to the brain control muscles of the spine as well. Those muscles can go into spasm, thus pulling the spine out of alignment. We have seen it with people that eat poorly, smokers, and with conditions that cause hormone imbalances. These are all chemical stressors to the body.

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