Sports Medicine

Sports Chiropractic

 A properly functioning nervous system is the key to healthy movement. A proper diet, adjustments, soft-tissue work, and rehabilitative exercise come together to reduce pain, restore balance and optimize function and performance. Dr. Moran has undergone extensive post-graduate training in diagnosing and treating both chronic and acute injuries.

Benefits of sports chiropractic include: pain relief, improved joint motion, reduced muscle tightness, improved scar tissue, and improved nervous system response.

 Along with spinal curve restoration, our unique services include individualized rehabilitative exercises, nutritional counseling, functional movement screening, instrument assisted soft tissue work, Kinesiotaping, trigger point therapy, and of course, adjustments!

 What to expect in our clinic: Dr. Moran will provide a thorough orthopedic exam and a functional movement screening to determine the cause of your pain and the quality of joint movement. X-rays may or may not be necessary to determine the extent of your condition or injury. If chiropractic is appropriate, you will receive an individualized treatment plan that caters to your specific goals. If not, we will help you find the right healthcare provider for your needs.