What causes headaches?

When the bones of the neck and upper back get out of alignment, they can cause irritation and pressure to the nerves of the neck and back that refer pain up into the head. Nerve irritation also causes an alteration in the blood that flow the head due to vasodilation and vasoconstriction. These effects have been well documented in research literature to make us feel pain in our head and thus give us headaches.

How does chiropractic help with headaches?

When the bones of the neck and back are unlocked and restored to proper alignment, the nerve irritation is reduced and hence the effects listed above are reduced. This reduces headache pain within patients and hence fixed the root cause of headaches, the nerve irritation.

Is it safe to receive an adjustment to the neck?

It is extremely safe. Chiropractors are trained at applying adjustments to the cervical spine that put no more pressure on the spine than flipping a light-switch. We have adjusted infants while they have been asleep and they don’t even wake up! The literature supports show that someone getting a chiropractic adjustment is safer than taking a Tylenol and safer than a child getting their vaccines!

Does it hurt to get my neck or upper adjusted for my headaches?

No. Most patients report that their first adjustment is a surprise because of how gentle and light it feels. They expect this huge “crack” or big twisting of the spine, and our adjustments are typically very specific and very gentle.